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[Knee Pain]

Both my husband and I have been seeing Hans-Thomas for a couple of months. My husband has been almost crippled with knee problems for a long time, getting more and more debilitated in recent years. He was always in pain. Regular docs said he wasn’t hurting enough for knee replacement. Whatever happened to quality of life? He couldn’t walk up and down stairs without paying the price. He had stem cell therapy a month ago and he is a completely different person.

For years, I’veĀ had times…days to weeks, where I’ve been exhausted, poor concentration, moodiness, no energy to workout, etc. I went to several medical professionals. Nobody could figure out what was wrong. One decided I was depressed. I wasn’t. My symptoms were getting worse, and lasting longer. Within weeks of stumbling across NatureWorks and Hans-Thomas, I’ve gotten my life back. I’m happy, energetic, and calmer. My relationship with my husband and son has drastically improved. I can exercise and hike without feeling like I’m going to pass out. And I’ve arranged a 7 week trip to SE Asia with my teenaged son. I certainly couldn’t do that with Dr. Richter’s intervention. I can’t say enough good things. I would recommend Dr. Richter and Chinese medicine unconditionally.