These Neuro-Degenerative Conditions are now being treated with Stem-Cell Therapy:

  •        Peripheral Neuropathy
  •        Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke
  •        Parkinson’s Disease

Stem-cells can be applied locally and systemically to restore the function of large muscle groups and nerve systems. Stem Cells are injected locally to repair damaged peripheral nerves e.g. from Chemo Therapy. Recovery times from Stroke can be improved with the use of Stem Cell Therapy, Stem cells are applied intra-veniously at the same time the blood brain barrier is opened.  This allows the Stem Cells to enter the CNS and repair damaged brain tissues and receptors. The combined application of the stem cells with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is used to initiate the further differentiation of the Stem Cells. A Reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms can be achieved immediately.

For the Recovery from Stroke, we are  now offering a multitude of programs including Chinese Herbal Medicine, Electro-Acupuncture, Bioness and now Stem Cell Therapy.